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Things Suma Fiore Likes

  1. The kind stranger who shared her umbrella with me while we waited for a bus in the freezing rain
  2. Meeting another person who understands my sense of humor
  3. Both nostrils open and cleared after days of breathing from my mouth and drying out my tongue
  4. The last stroke of every painting that I’m as proud of as I am critical of
  5. The hilarious woman who asked why I cover my hair — then how, so she could do the same in winter, because her scalp gets cold
  6. The bus driver who made a point of greeting me through my earphones with a smile as I stepped onto the bus
  7. The rare feeling of unwavering inspiration from start to finish on a creative project
  8. A random yet meaningful conversation about birds with a blonde kid at my university
  9. A little girl and I pretending to be cats for 20 minutes in a mosque
  10. Finding a melted then resolidified bar of chocolate in my coat pocket
Suma Fiore is a hard-working and dedicated procrastinator. 
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